Birds Of Prey


Jack is a 30 something writer from New York City, just getting by on his well-known family name. His life takes a sharp turn when he receives a mysterious package from his father, a once-famous writer who disappeared 20 years prior. He follows the mystery to a burgeoning caribbean beach town with shady ex-pats and corrupt businessmen where his father settled years ago. Upon arriving, he finds that his father, tangled in a real estate scheme, has been mysteriously murdered. While trying to uncover what happened, he meets a beautiful young woman mixed up with the criminal venture determined to kill anyone that stands in their way. Now, Jack is pushed to the edge with the task of finding the truth about his father’s death, fighting seedy corruption of the town, and saving the woman he thinks he might love. All of this unravels in a fast-paced tropical noir that questions who ultimately wins in the struggle of power versus morality.