Cinematic Promo // Dog the Bounty Hunter

Going into the fourth season of Dog the Bounty Hunter, A&E really needed their promotional campaign to stand out. They came to us with a concept for a promo and a plan for theatrical release nationwide and asked us to execute. And we did with extreme prejudice.
Conceived as a simple one-shot chase sequence from the point of view of a fugitive on the run, we re-imagined the spot with frenetic movement, suspenseful action and over-the-top dramatic elements. We strapped our stunt-cameraman into a Bodymount rig, and the viewer into the shoes of a desperate fugitive on the run.

Shot on 35mm film on location in Miami Beach, we worked with cinematographer Hernan Otaño and the stunt team from Miami Vice and Bad Boys 2 to execute the action-packed sequence. All editing, graphics, and color correction were done in-house. Then we collaborated with RK Music to create an original sound design in 5.1 surround that completes the task of sticking the viewer into the thick of it.

The result was a cable show promo with the excitement and feel of a blockbuster movie trailer, delivered to audiences in the perfect setting.