Biography Channel


The Biography Channel had an established and respected 20 year-old brand. The challenge in rebranding came in separating the network brand from their popular Biography series. They came to us with a desire to establish that separation, broaden their audience, and create an international brand that reflected their more dynamic and varied programming.

We designed a modern and sophisticated mark that could travel the world but remain accessible. The Clarendon typeface marries the classic and modern, while the period suggests an abbreviation. This mark then became the basis for the entire package; a brand that was broad enough to live in different markets but with enough personality to remain distinctive. Once the logo work was finished, we launched into a multi- formatted, comprehensive package for the network with the creation of a tagline and an image campaign. Standout elements included an extensive and detailed toolkit, online and offline applications, and a set of international IDs. The icing on the cake was our groundbreaking interactive styleguide.

From here, we helped to launch the brand and introduce the network tagline "True Story." We created a campaign built around the tagline featuring a host of characters sharing moments of True Stories of their own.