Strategy - Positioning - Tagline

Having first helped strategize, position, and brand their new brother-channel, FXX, from the ground up, FX next asked us to tackle the mother brand as well.

In collaboration with Lee Hunt, we engaged the FX brand stakeholders in a lively brand workshop that helped us to understand what their most ownable asset was, and turn that into the new brand position.
Positioned as “Fearless Storytellers” it was a not-so-easy circuitous loop back to the obvious “Fearless” as the new tagline and as the guiding brand principle.


Fearless works for FX on many levels - becoming an anthemic descriptor of not only the brave, "outsider" lead characters of their tent-pole shows, but more importantly as a filter for how they develop content and the kind of storytelling that the brand has always championed. FX has always been about taking risks and creating irreverent, original programming that celebrates the everyman among outsiders.

"Fearless" became a stamp and badge of honor - really coming to life in their latest brand image campaign. When you see the word "Fearless", alone, paired with a dramatic image of Louie CK, Timothy Olyphant, or Kerri Russell from her hit series "The Americans", it all falls in to place.

We were thrilled to work with FX, as they are truly some of the most engaged, network braniacs we've ever had the pleasure of knocking heads with. And they curse like sailors too!

Leroy & Clarkson did not do any of the awesome key art that is featured on this page