Promo // Nostradamus: 2012

History had a bona-fide hit with its original Nostradamus show, and wanted to see if we could help them re-create the magic for this new special. However, they wanted to stay away from everything already associated with Nostradamus: no candles, no robes, no old paper, and no calligraphy. So for the hero spot we forgot about the past and looked towards the other element in the title: 2012. We intercut footage of possible future disasters and mysterious imagery with suspenseful copy, and teamed them with equally edgy sound design.

In a fifteen second graphic execution, we brought the titles and core idea into a star field, edged by floating monoliths which are revealed to make up a massive, planet-sized 2012.

These two spots gave History their third-highest ratings for an original special. In addition, History and L&C won a 2009 Emmy for Outstanding Promotional Announcement.