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Tribeca Studios

Brand Videos // P&G + Queen Collective

As a woman-owned company, this project has a special place here.

Procter & Gamble, along with Tribeca Studios and Queen Latifah stepped up to the plate by launching “Queen Collective,” an initiative celebrating emerging diverse female filmmakers.  These first time directors had their films premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and on Hulu. Leroy & Clarkson was asked to pitch in to create over six brand films for OLAY, My Black Is Beautiful, Tide, and the mother ship P&G. This included a trailer for Hulu.

Congratulations to B. Monet (“Ballet After Dark”) and Haley Elizabeth Anderson (“If There Is Light”).  Thank you P&G, Tribeca Studios, Queen Latifah and Hulu for supporting these ladies, and all who follow in their paths. We’re so proud to be associated with this project.

Rock on girls!!

P&G Brand // My Black Is Beautiful

Queen Collective // Hulu Trailer

Queen Collective Sizzle

P&G Brand // Olay

P&G Brand // Tide

P&G Corporate Brand Video