Launch Promo // Stranded

Last Spring Syfy approached L&C about helping them launch a new reality show called "Stranded" - where contestants have to spend an extended period of time alone in supposedly haunted location. They would not be accompanied by a film crew. They would document their terrifying stay all alone, Jack Torrence style.

They wanted a promo loosely inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". They had come to the right place. I challenge you to find a creative office anywhere on the seven continents filled with more Kubrick freaks than L&C.

We jumped in feet first with the Kubrick reference and researched every spooky-looking hotel in the entire country. In the end, all parties voted for the famous Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA - It had beautifully rich architectural details and a multitude of different spaces we could use to tell our story.

While we in pre-production in LA, designers back in New York were busy designing the show's logo, which needed to be printed on to a room key for the final shot and logo lockup.

We crafted a moody script to build tension as we cut from scene to scene. Music house Black Iris gave us a great, ominous soundtrack to cut with, and some hair-raising sound design that really put the spot over the top. The show is currently in it's first season.

And yes, the raven is real.