Can You/Dig It?


Interactive Experience // Dig Decoders

Dig is all about inviting the audience to be Dig Decoders — to discover hidden meanings and uncover the truth. As part of its launch campaign, USA asked L&C to help captivate the Dig audience with an interactive projection filled with intrigue and mystery, while teasing themes of the show itself.


A custom animation played over the course of two days in NYC’s Meatpacking District, targeting the key demographic audience in this high traffic area. An interactive plinth on the sidewalk put the power in the audience’s hands to find out more about the show by triggering a reaction on the projected wall. Each time the lever is pushed one of three blood-themed animations were triggered. Once completed, the animation transitions back to the default resting loop and the plinth refills with blood, awaiting the next Decoder. 

The projection seamlessly integrated with the larger on-air & digital tease and launch campaign by drawing on the same visual language and messaging.