Double Your Pleasure


L&C has really been racking up the Virgin America points this year, working closely with the awesome team at the LA mothership of the FX brand.

They reached out to us in early 2012 to help them create a new network, an offshoot of FX itself.

First things first, we determined that what was really needed was a younger, cooler, funner version of FX - one that would skew towards comedy but also serve as a second tier for programming from the mother brand, giving viewers more of what they already love about FX. They could launch it with established tent-pole shows like "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and branch out from there.

After countless late-night white board sessions and a lot of long, Sapporo-soaked debates, we settled on the name of the new network: FXX - launching Fall 2013.

We developed strategic brand positioning and a logo mark that would establish their presence firmly within the FX brand universe.

We also gave them a visual template for the kind of candid, irreverent imagery that would capture the spirit of this young, upstart network.

Like proud poppas, we eagerly await the launch this coming Fall.

Check out the official site