ABC: Up On the Roof


Because our promo package for Dancing With the Stars, Season 9 was so off-the-chain, ABC invited us back to recreate the magic for season 10. Only this time, they didn't just want a promo package, they wanted us to repackage the entire show—something they hadn't done in 10 successful seasons. So we spit-shined our dancing shoes and got to work.


We began by relocating the dancers and celebrities to a rooftop high amongst a dramatic cityscape, giant LED billboards, and the looming shadow of the DWTS trophy. Each pro dancer and celebrity got a moment to show off their moves for the show open, promos, and profiles within the show.


The lights, the glitz, the glamour, the sweet moves of Buzz Aldrin: all came together to provide ABC with an entirely new and dynamic toolkit highlighting the "live event" feel of the show, while maintaining the energy and dramatic scope of the previous season's package.