Speed TV: Revved Up


L&C was tasked with completely overhauling how Nascar looks on Speed TV - from the graphics, to the footage, to the edit, to the language, to the music, and everything in between.


We wanted to get away from the standard pickup trucks and stars and bars, and really capture the emotional experience of being at a race. The final result was an all-inclusive, soup-to-nuts delivery that included a new tagline, new scripts, new music, 7 spots, 5 IDs, and 9 graphic packages & toolkits covering every aspect of Nascar on Speed.


Shooting original footage trackside at the races gave all of us a crash course in America’s other national pastime. Going to Daytona is like discovering the Superbowl for the first time - you can't understand how you could be so out of touch with how most of your fellow citizens spend their Sundays. And when the fighter jets buzz the track, you can’t help but think to yourself “this is SO freakin’ EPIC!”