Upfront and Immersive

NBCUniversal upfront 2015


When we got the call from NBCUniversal to work on the 2015 Upfront, only two things were certain: The event needed to be bigger than the 2014 Upfront we did with them last year and it needed to deliver start-to-finish in less than 6 weeks. 

And by big, we mean a massive 180-degree, 13 screen immersive video projection at the Jacob Javitz Center.   

With every showcase for the 7 networks, we weren’t just exploding graphics and giant typography across all screens, but constructing open spaces where the audience could get lost in a landscape or an abstract field of data. 

The goal was to show off the new direction of audience engagement, to introduce the audience benefits, and to demonstrate the most relevant, immersive and engaging data-driven programming.

L&C was able to communicate the NBCU's brand position, the shift from a traditional media company to a technology driven company, visualizing the heart of the data and creating an immersive experience that stands apart from all other upfronts – the WOW factor.

It was exciting to move the audience's attention around all of the screens, but also to allow it to focus on singular images that become larger than life, really filling up the space, synching with music and creating an altogether mystifying night to remember

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NBCUniversal upfront 2015