VH1: We Did Something


VH1 asked us to work with super cool artist ESPO on creating an award for their new flagship awards show: DO SOMETHING. Do Something is an organization that gives grant money to kids under 25 who are busy changing the world. 

ESPO and L&C CD Julian Bevan developed the concept of a winged sneaker. It was something that felt grounded in kid culture but also aspirational. After designing the sneaker and the logo that went with it, Julian worked closely with VH1 and Society Awards in NYC to refine all of the details. The award began its life being molded in clay, completely in hand, in China, before being cast in chrome. 

Tho the crafting of the award as an award is an award in itself, discussions are underway with Nike to do a limited run of sneakers in 2011 inspired by Julian's design.