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Vangelis & Sun Ra - Blade Runner Blues (intro) - Burning Man can't help but evoke visions of Ridley Scott's neon Los Angeles, so starting off the mix with a bit of Vangelis seemed to make sense. I added a little bit of spoken word from Sun Ra, from his 1974 movie "Space Is The Place".

Ernst Reijseger - Rockshelter - From the beautiful soundtrack to Herzog's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" (2011) composed by Ernst Reijseger, a Dutch cellist. This choral recording inside a church is haunting and awesome at the same time.

Bonnie Beecher - Come Wander With Me - A somewhat David Lynch-ian tune from a 1964 Twilight Zone episode of the same name. It wasn't released commercially but later became available on compilations of rare TV music. Bonnie Beecher is said to have inspired Dylan's "Girl From The North Country", and later went on to mary Woodstock icon Wavy Gravy.

Archie Sheep - Here Comes The Family - I first found this song on an unlabeled bootleg vinyl compilation in 1990. It was years before I figured out it was a proto-rap Archie Shepp record from 1980.

Miles davis - Shhh Peaceful - Vicky gave me this record on cassette way back when. From Miles' 1969 "In A Silent Way". Considered by many to be one of the foundation recordings of Jazz Fusion. Like Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival, Miles' use of electric instruments enraged traditionalists at the time. It's an amazing record. The deluxe edition with all the out takes is the one to own IMO.

Christopher El' Truento - Sunflower - I discovered this 24 yr old New Zealand electronic music weirdo via some random blog this year. Seems made specifically for Burning Man bike rides to me.

Jose Gonzalez - Teardrop - I heard Jose perform this acoustic Massive Attack cover at the 2012 All Tomorrow's Parties music festival and I was an instant fan.

Ry & Frank Wiedemann - Howling - Frank Wiedeman is one half of the Berlin house duo "Ame". Ry Cuming is an American vocalist that I know absolutely nothing about.

Djrum - Honey - Some slow and funky shit from 2013. From his album "Little White Earbuds", released in April 2013 on the London bass label 2nd Drop Records.

Holly Cole - Temptation - A wonderfully raw cover recorded in what sounds like Holly cole's Halifax living room, for her 1995 LP of Tom Waits covers. If you listen closely, you can hear her dog panting in the room.

Mop Mop feat Anthony Joseph - Let I Go - Mop Mop is Italian composer and producer Andrea Benini. Anthony Joseph is a Trinidadian-born, London-based singer and poet. This came out in March of this year.

Canned Heat - Get Off My Back - Who doesn't love Canned heat? I put this on here because they were so clearly on drugs when they recorded this song. Especially the sound engineer. Listen and you'll know what I mean. From 1969. A good year for music if there ever was one.

Cornelius - Free Fall - I just recently discovered this japanese weirdo who calls himself Cornelius. This "Fantasma" album from 1997 is, in a word, bugged the fuck out. There's a couple guys from Apples In Stereo playing on it as well.

Devo - Uncontrollable Urge - My life was irrevocably changed when I received a vinyl copy of Devo's "Are We Not Men?" from my sister for my 11th birthday. Some timeless shit that still sounds fresh in 2013.