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120 Sports

Launch 360 Campaign - Identity - Graphics Package

Sports moves fast. Sports news and sports talk moves even faster. And in 2014, the world was finally ready for the first-of-its-kind, 24-hour, live digital network driven by a video-centric, 360-degree look across all sports. Debuting as a free, native application for mobile and tablet devices as well as a web experience, the app is a one-stop-shop, fan-focused, real-time, interactive sports community - designed to keep pace with whatever is trending at that very second.

120 Sports came to L&C for some fundamental branding and a kick-ass launch campaign.


Graphics Package

First, they needed a visual identity: a graphic system that they could wrap around all of their streaming video content. Something simple and clean that would translate well across all platforms, and be easily updated on a minute to minute basis. We developed a visual template and animation language that they could easily build upon as the needs of the brand grew.

120_montage_rough_1031B (0;00;00;08).jpg
120_montage_rough_1031 (0;00;26;05).jpg

Tagline & Launch Campaign

The next phase was developing the brand tagline: KEEP UP. A two-word call-to-action that telegraphed exactly why users need the product.

Once all the pieces were in place, we created a launch campaign that simply and directly communicated the always-on/on-the-go/in-the-know virtues of the brand. Something clear, clever, and no-nonsense that would drive consumers to download the app. We developed several different creative approaches that could be used as templates for future campaigns, so that all headlines would be as current as the product itself.


We further fleshed out the graphic package to include print, OOH & web- Giving it some legs and making it easily adaptable for any medium.

We predict a long working relationship, and nothing but bigger and better things for this maverick digital brand.