There Can Be/Only One


Promo // Unbreakable

SYFY came to us looking to create a promo that captured the spirit of their new reality competition show “Unbreakable”. Based on The Death Race, an extreme endurance race held annually in Vermont, Unbreakable sets to test competitors' inner resolve to persevere through mental and physical extremes. Nothing is as it seems in this competition, where contestants must navigate through a seemingly natural but altered environment full of obstacles and challenges. Testing each individual's spirit to its limit.


We loved the idea of creating a mysterious hybrid of Iron Man race meets LOST episode meets The Prisoner. All we needed was a location with every climate imaginable and a Kubrickian hedge maze to bring it all together. Only one place really fit the bill: Vancouver. We really had a blast getting off the grid and shooting out in the wilderness - traversing forest suspension bridges, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, steep mountains, and dizzying hedge mazes. We even built a mirrored cube in the middle of the woods and threw a blindfolded actor out of a plane! Good times.