Promo Campaign // Fear The Walking Dead

AMC hit us up to create spots to launch their new campaign for the spinoff show, Fear The Walking Dead. How can you say no to zombies? You can’t, Zombies don’t listen. 


The new show takes place in Los Angeles at the time of the initial zombie outbreak. We wanted to capture that moment just before you realize your life is going to change forever. The team at L&C chose three scenarios of the typical laid back California lifestyle to juxtapose against the extreme danger of the undead. Executed as a single long tracking shot, the camera moves through the seemingly ordinary scene only to reveal our zombies in the last moment. 

True to the horror genre we let sound design play a big role in the narrative of this campaign. Every scene is sound designed to hear what you would expect in the environment, subtly ramping up to an unnerving pitch that reveals the Walker.