Brand Films // Lead. Exceed. Thrive.

The heart of Nasdaq’s success and innovation is its people. L&C was asked to create a series of brand films to showcase the people that make Nasdaq the company that it is.


A group of diverse employees with a range of experiences work together to solve problems more powerful than what could be accomplished alone. Just like their clients, the people at Nasdaq are empowered to share their entrepreneurial spirit and push the edge of what is conventional. Each person has their own story of why they work at Nasdaq and what inspires and motivates them everyday. Each person has paved their own career path and forged strong relationships. Each person takes pride in varying aspects of the wide range of what Nasdaq does.

The connected fabric of all these unique experiences is what defines and shapes Nasdaq. In the same way the power of collaboration generates the best solutions at Nasdaq, the individual Nasdaq narratives weave together to share the greater Nasdaq tale, hitting the heart of the people.