The Rockefeller Foundation

Documentary // The Resilience Age

We are thrilled to announce the release of The Resilience Age documentary and website, presented by The Rockefeller Foundation and created and produced by Leroy & Clarkson.

The Resilience Age documentary examines urban centers across the globe that have not only developed innovative ways to address and overcome the challenges they face, but have positioned their cities to be better prepared for future disruptions, ensuring they better withstand and recover quicker when disaster strikes. The film highlights the impact of resilience in cities around the world that face challenges including climate change, sea level rise, economic disparity and pollution. By examining the past, present and future of cities from El Paso, Texas to Medellin, Colombia The Resilience Age highlights how these cities developed interventions that established resilience in their communities. 

While the location and challenges of the featured cities vary, they all have one thing in common: through innovative approaches to resilience, these cities have addressed their challenges and emerged better prepared to absorb the shocks and stresses that the future will certainly bring.

Check out the website and feature length film here.