Every vp/has a secret


Launch Promo // Agent X

When TNT was looking to create a campaign for their new, patriotic spy thriller AGENT X, they reached out to us to concept and direct a trailer that delivered on the show’s promise of a high-energy and stylish addition to the genre. We were only too happy to help in any way we could to defend our country from peril.


L&C developed an aesthetic that pays homage to classic spy thrillers while tailoring the visual language and messaging to the show’s premise: The Vice President of the United States (Sharon Stone) has at her disposal a secret agent (Jeff Hephner) charged with the anonymous protection of the nation in times of crisis. James Earl Jones and Gerald McRaney round out the cast. That’s right: Darth Vader and Major Dad ride again! 

We further created a logo mark and campaign messaging to provide a clear tone and voice for the show, and a super-fun shoot filled with stunt doubles and high-speed action gave us all we needed to bring the spirit of AGENT X to life.

Even if he is a secret.